Leisure consulting
in green areas

Revitalization of urban parks and public spaces.
“Smart Urban Parks” concept.

Consultoría de ocio en parques
Passionate about revitalising urban parks and offering 25 years worldwide experience, numerous international awards, accreditations and more than 50 different initiatives managed successfully in urban parks internationally.
Experiencias ecoturísticas
We are a consultancy specialized in leisure in green areas, offering 360º project services.
It's leaded by Alberto Ipas, that collaborates with other professionals from the area in different specialties.

Services we offer

What kind of solutions do we offer?



By redesigning for purpose different areas: Children’s, sports, social, cultural…

Commercial Opportunities

By sourcingprivate business and suppliers of activities for provision in green spaces.

Temporary activities

By creating organized activities such as cultural, social, sports and voluntary.


Councils or public entities that manage green areas

Senior managers of open spaces and facilities, such as shopping malls

Operational green area managers, their companies and associated suppliers

Environmental managers who want to implement leisure activities

When to engage with Smarturbanparks?

Benefits of working with us